INACHI recommended companies

Nick - I know you do not go into the members only area. But a question came up as to what criteria a company has to have in order for you to recommend them. Do they just have to be operational? What is your criteria if any.

People go blindly with the people you recommend here. Not saying its right, but to some your voice and recommendations are a powerful thing. What has to happen for you to STOP being affiliated with them? Is it just your opinion or is there some type of guideline?


Russell, the question in your thread title and your post are very different. Which one would you like me to answer?

What I am asking is that when you recommend a company do they have to pass some type of criteria? If they do pass that criteria is there any standards in which the company must keep in order to be in INACHI good graces? Just wondering, because there are a TON of people here who follow your lead and recommendations blindly. Not saying its your fault, but your the big Shepard and the sheep will follow.

Again, you are asking two different questions. It’s harder for a vendor to get my recommendation than it is to get InterNACHI’s. Very different criteria.

Isn’t INACHI and Nick the same thing? You decide what stays and what goes. I am not trying to me a smart arrse, but it seems that they are one in the same.

But for arguments sake, INACHI, Maybe not YOU personally, but the organization. INACI really does not say a damn thing, NICK GROMICKO does. If there is no board and no elected people then…well its all on you!

Once again, when a vendor is approved by whomever, and gets to this message board via INACHI. What are those processes and the answers to the questions above.

Your premise isn’t true. Each member of the Board of Directors of InterNACHI is responsible for one of the divisions of InterNACHI. For example, if an internet listing service vendor proposed an exclusive offer for InterNACHI, the Board member in charge of I.T. (in this case, that would be Chris Morrell) would determine InterNACHI’s level of interest/participation in the deal.

I will say, again, that the criteria InterNACHI uses is completely different from what I use to recommend a vendor. InterNACHI gives much weight to exclusivity and making sure members are getting the best deals. InterNACHI basically turns down most advertising fees (which is why you don’t find banner ads on this message board) and in return, requires that the vendor pass that money on to InterNACHI members in terms of better, InterNACHI member-exclusive discounts.

Many are perplexed when they see InterNACHI’s 260 million hit/year website and wonder why we aren’t monetizing it. We are. But the money goes directly to members, not InterNACHI.

Fair enough, but you speak of DEALS. Do we not check their performance and quality? So if an idiot gives us a great we we jump on it regardless of their performance record? If a great guy makes a sweet deal then turns into a crack head do we keep doing business with him?

Once again, a ton of people listen to what the “Board member” say and follow alot of their leads. I want to either, let them know it can be ANYONE with AND to check them completely before using their service (Believe it or not many think you have already done that) or to find out the criteria.

The type of profession we are in, we have one ESSENTIAL need to survive, that is our reputation. Without a good one, we are SUNK! So when these companies provide outsourced needs, we are a direct reelection of their service as well, ie. if I send a mold sample to a lab and it takes 1 week to get back, people don’t care what the lab said, its what I SAID WOULD HAPPEN.

Do we ever go back and revisit our relationship with these vendors?

Every day. That is one of the main purposes of this message board. It works like a live-time Consumer Reports. It is every member’s duty to voice their pleasure or displeasure with vendors and not just for the benefit of other members, but also to publicly hold vendors accountable.

Hate a vendor? Tell all why.
Love a vendor? Tell all why.

We get the best discounts for members, public pressure on the vendors, customer feedback to improve the vendor’s products and services, and live-time customer testimonials for fellow members to read.

The system works really well.

OK…so at least now its known to publicly state if a vendor is not properly perfroming and then if enough outcry happens they are investigated. Sweet

Most message board comments about vendors are positive or constructive at worst.