NACHI's entrance exam taken over 5,000 times in past 6 weeks. 80,000 times total.

Amazing that some are out there quibbling over:
“Yeah, they just take an online exam and can join!”

When over 70% fail, the “just” speaks for itself.

This weekend, I’m at a local fair with a NACHI booth, and happen to be set up next to a Re-Max booth, which is a company that has been notoriously difficult to break into in this area. With agents having so little time to spend in casual conversation, I have had a captive audience.

Aside from extolling the virtues of NACHI, I have convinced the leading agents of the advantages of hiring a NACHI inspector to pre-inspect listed properties in this slow market.

This is going to positively impact the income of NACHI inspectors throughout the entire state!

NACHI Certified - It’s Not For Everybody!
Thanks Nick - I’m going to print this and take it to our NACHI meeting this Tuesday.
Thanks, Earl

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HI Nick

I just did the new Nachi test last week for my Nachi renewal. It was a vast improvement to the old test, much harder. I just wanted to compliment those involved with rewriting the test. It now takes a serious amount of knowledge to get a good test score.

Jim Krumm
Colorado’s Best Home Inspections