Nahi Pay Attention!! Nachi Rocks And...

nothing you do or say will change the future of NACHI. It might change the future of NAHI.
You have filed suit to have NACHI change it’s name and other petty Bull$hit.
I challenge you to have me remove NACHI LOGOS from my business material and Van.

IMO Nick was correct in calling nahi SCUMBAG.

You as an org should find a better way spend membership $, for example membership benefits comes to mind.

Noting that Mallory worked at a company similar to this in order to qualify for her present position…what do you think it means when the first device offered is referred to as “malleable”?


This woman must really like the SAUSAGE!!!

I wonder if they could afford to file 8,000 lawsuits? :mrgreen:

As I said in the other thread… my truck will always say NACHI…:mrgreen:

Me and the truck.jpg

Me and the truck.jpg


If they could and did, I wonder what all the members would do?

I’m with you Michael!!

Probably join **NACHI …:smiley: **

Resistance is FUTILE…:mrgreen:

While Nick may be obligated by court order to change the website it would be impossible for Nahi to obtain compliance of individual members. They would have to name everyone in violation in a class action suit, and would further have to launch further legal action in Canada. Do they have that sort of money, time, and determination? I some how doubt it.

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