Nailed on Joists for porch roof

Is it OK to nail on joists to the support posts for a porch overhang roof (see picture attached). They look loke galvanised 9d. 3 on each side of the joist. It’s a metal roof made of just the posts, beams, joists and metal sheeting.

2015-06-17 13.26.28-small.jpg

Paul, as long as you have a finger holding it up!

LOL, yeah Paul, don’t move. I’m sure they are bigger than 9d, but you should suggest lagging or thru-bolting the beams into the posts.

Thanks guys

How is it attached at the home? Just wondering.

When ever I see what you have pictured, I write it up as lacking metal brackets or the beam not supported directly by post as in notched.

Don’t quit your day job, you won’t make it as a finger model. :mrgreen:

Improper finger being utilized to indicate a f*cked up condition! :shock:

Seems like I should have used a different finger? :slight_smile:

This was a porch roof attachment at a subway in georgia somewhere on our travels, not an official inspection. Taking work on vacation with me…

LOL i thought you where near TN