Narrative Needed

Cut out for a ridge vent noted but no ridge vent installed.
Somebody stepped on the ridge causing damage to the sheathing.
Somebody stepped on the ridge causing damage to the ridge cap roofing.

Anybody have a narrative for this?


Was the ventilation adequate otherwise?

I see that all the time.

Yes, soffit and fix roof vents.

Are you thinking this is not an issue?

I still thinking about that !

Yes, I think it’s an issue but I’m trying to figure what comment I would write about it. Since there is a slot cut for a ridge vent I thought perhaps your comment should indicate the ridge vent is missing if ventilation wasn’t adequate.

If the ventilation is acceptable then I would simply comment on the unsupported section of shingles where the slot has been cut for the ridge vent.

A slot has been cut at the peak of the roof for the installation of a ridge vent but none has been installed. This section of the roof is now considered unsupported and foot traffic has damaged some of the shingles. Recommend repairs by a qualified roofing contractor to provide adequate support for the ridge shingles and prevent further damage.

Almost verbatim as to what I stated in the report.

My guess would be 17 years ago when the house was completed and ready for the roofers. The roofers cut it out per blue prints then realized the material wasn’t on the site. “What they don’t know wont hurt us, on to the next job.”

Good narrative.