The ridge vent that wasn't

Does this look like a ridge vent to anybody? I was doing an inspection today and found this at the peak of the roof inside the attic. The roof decking was just left short by about four inches on one side of the ridge, but instead of covering the void with some kind of air-permeable ridge vent material under the shingles, the builder just papered and shingled over the gap. If you look closely you can see the adhesive strip on the underside of the shingle. There is no real way for air to escape at the ridge, and the roof had three standard vents near the ridge anyway. Any ideas why they did this, or has anybody seen anything similar? This just doesn’t look like any ridge vent I’ve seen (yet). Any input would be appreciated!

Original roofing? Looks like it was built that way. It’s a defect and a safety hazard…missing roof decking at the ridge.

Thanks Bradley, that’s what I thought too. It was definitely built that way - not sure if the builder was planning a ridge vent and nobody told the roofer, or if they just screwed up their decking plans and tried to cover it with felt and shingles. Either way, it’s no good. Thanks for confirming my suspicion!

Was there a ridge vent at the peak of the roof on the exterior?
Do you have a shot of the roof?

I sometimes see the ridge vent and gap in place but some bonehead forgot to cut back the felt paper.

It’s that way because that is the factory edge of the last full sheet of OSB. Rather than cut a 2.5" strip of OSB to fill the void, they didn’t. Has nothing to do with ventilation.

Three regular roof vents across the top, about eight inches below the ridge. Looks to me like Wayne is right - roofers were too lazy to cut a thin piece to fill the void at the top edge. Appreciate your insight, guys!

That’s what I figured. Surprising what some contractors will do rather than just doing things right.

In all honesty, a 2.5" piece of aspinite would be as hazardous as nothing. Ive fell through that scenario before too. Really it was a crappy place for the sheathing to end at for them. If they were conscientious however, they could have cut the 2.5" strip and blocked under it for support if there was a concern of someone falling through.

Did you not walk the roof? this picture is from below the roof. you can’t see the ridge very well.

I have said a million times one can not inspect a roof from the ground. :roll:

Yes, I walked the roof. I even walked the ridge, but apparently my feet were at least 3" below the peak on either side, because I didn’t fall through it. Walked the roof first thing, did the attic after and noticed the missing strip then.

The framers botched it.

Missing boards is why I generally always inspect the attic before inspecting the roof.

You just never know what you’re going to find. :wink: