My brain can think...

I’m looking at this setup and can’t figure what looks wrong to me. It’s going to be one of those days.

Both of these are vents, both dry vents, the left one is original and connects to a central basement floor drain, the right one vents a basement bathroom which actually drains into the left one so this is the top of a big PVC pipe square.

Is this a flat vent?
Is the fitting at the top left incorrect?

EDIT: Solved. This is a wet vent and my subject was absolutely incorrect! Supposed to say “can’t think”.

Hmmm… Now thinking about it, wouldn’t this be an improper horizontal run on the vent? It travels a good 15 feet and goes up the wall in between two bathrooms. Both bathrooms have separate drains which account for all the fixtures and this is a ranch so no second floor is draining into this either.

So the right one cents a basement bathroom only? Is it above the highest fixture in the basement bathroom?

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Kinda screwy looking , but I don’t see anything of great importance from the pic.

8 feet from what you see down to the basement fixtures, 15 feet over to the wet wall where it turns vertical, and then another 15 feet up to the roof.

The two bathrooms vent into it about 3-4 feet up the wet wall from what I can see.

Does this help ?

Crap, I need a vacation, too many houses and reports melding together. This isn’t a dry vent it’s a wet vent draining the kitchen sink too. I did a quick sketch of the floor plan and it popped out at me.

Thanks for talking about it with me guys, even that was helpful. This has been a good reminder that your photos can help you out later if your brain won’t. :slight_smile:

Call out lack of support.

Yep, got it.:slight_smile:

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