Narrative reports

Reading up on essential elements of narrative reports.
I classify my findings like this:

  1. Health and Safety Hazard.
    This category indicates immediate repair work is needed to ensure the safety of the occupants.
    Example: Rotten wooden deck handrail or improperly wired electrical systems.
    Requires immediate attention from a licensed professional.

  2. Serious Issues.
    This category indicates that repairs must be made to prevent further damage or create a health and safety hazard.
    Example: A roof leak or evidence of termite activity.
    Requires immediate attention from a licensed professional.

  3. Intermediate Issues:
    This category indicates conditions exist that may lead to future damage if not addressed.
    Example: Improperly sealed plumbing fixtures or chipping paint on exterior wood surfaces.

  4. Cosmetic issues:
    This category indicates a visual or structural defect that is not likely to cause further damage.
    Example: Minor cracks (less than 1/8” in width) in a garage slab or a component that needs routine maintenance to function normally.

How’s it look?