Narrowing it down what do you think

I have looked and tried several, but being new to this would really like some others thoughts. I really liked this one and leaning this way. Thanks

What’s the price point?


Have you looked at the Testo? Seems to have a lot of bang for the buck.

Sorry Frank I don’t see it, $2000 more and I would have less resolution

It’s $2400 plus $300 for the resolution enhancer. Unless I posted the wrong link. I’ll post a review of it when I get to my computer.

Okay, here it is.
It has software available that bumps the resolution up to 320x240. Total package is under $3k.

Have you also looked at the E60 by flir. From the specs it looks to be the better camera.
Also the pictures are saved as a Jpeg instead of a gif file.

Sorry, also more expensive!! If you can afford a little more it is definitely worth it and you will be happy you made the choice.

They are more expensive and I do like them. I need something for building scans and I feel that I will definitely grow past this, and the way technology is growing in this field, I feel in a year getting past the learning curve I will have a better feel and choice in a year and have a good backup.

That’s what I purchased.
Now if I could only learn how to turn it on?

You should be able to pick it up for $5,900.00
Very nice camera.
I hope you are getting the 60Hz.

Frank I am going to line up a trial of the Testo in January.
The model you are point out is better that the E8 Flir at 4,000 but has its limitations.

Guess what. Flukes coming out with an algorithm as well:-) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The iPhone app is actually pretty cool and many inspectors were impressed when someone brought it to my Chapter meeting last night.

I recived it the other day.
This is a nice camera I can’t wait to take more training, like Charlie said awhile back, the more you learn the more you want.

Start a thread Bob.
See how many inspectors are using this instrument.

I’m considering the same camera Ken.

I am super happy with it. I have used an a couple of inspections already and its awesome. Talk to these guys and you might get another $100 off and a gift from Fluke.

That’s the place I’m looking.


Very happy with mine as well.
A little on the heavy side by 6 ounces.

In camera software.
Flukes Brand and quality.

IR/ Visual image blending.
CNX wireless system
Laser sharp focus. (point and shot) Use the laser to mark the target/s and the camera calibrates the dissidence and adjusts to the "optimal focus.’ When you boot the camera, you hear the motor set the lens.
Optimized FOV
Fluke Connect
Streaming video
IR video capture
Voice annotations.
Screen size. (3.5 inch rugged capacitive touch screen)
Drop test!
What’s in the box,

Remember, it takes time to know “the camera.”
You are held at a disadvantage if you do not know what to look for and how to operate demo camera’s.

I have seen every brand in person. I was lucky. Fluke had done a presentation to a supplier I have been dealing with for the past 4 years.

I have tried at least 8 cameras.
4 or 5 brands.
Most entry Level.

Fluke and Flir I looked at seriously.

Good luck Frank.

I have given enough impute.
Keep us informed.

Kenneth, yesterday I received a camera software up date for my Ti300 60 Hz.
Last week was the Smart View 3.7 release.
In my humblest opinion, it is not coincidental that this occurred.

Do you have idea what was activated in the camera?
The Cardinal Compass was all I could think of.

Any idea how it effected the over all Smart View software program?