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After trying several software demos, I’ve narrowed it down to 3, HomeGauge, Porter Valley, and 3D.

So a few questions for anybody that is using these now.

The HomeGauge seems good, lots of detail, but lots of screens to get a sentence written and is the size a problem during the inspection and in various weather conditions? Comments?

The advantage I see with 3D and P.V. software is using a handheld.

All of them seem to have great positives about them.


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Hi Steve I would suggest that you further investigate your hardware options before chosing software. I personally use a Fujitsu sub note book which runs full windows, they also make notepads with indoor out door screens, which will probably be my next toy icon_smile.gif I cannot speak for the other software manufacturers, but I know that Sean at home gauge is very experienced in this area. e-mail him I know he will happily give advice BTW he is also a NACHI member.



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Hi Steve,

I agree with Gary, think through exactly what you want to do. For instance, I use Palm-Tech in an HP IPAQ, lets me print via BlueTooth to my portable printer and deliver on-site reports.


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I use HomeGuage and am very pleased with the software and especially the support that I have and continue to receive especially from Sean & Russell. I had been using a Fujitsu touch screen until recently; I now use an ACER Tablet PC. I use a full size Epson C80 for printing on site, however 70% or more have been opting to receive the report only in electronic format which is a time and money saver.

HG software is friendly once you get used to it, call and talk directly with Russell or Sean they are a world of help. The HG software is definitely superior when using a touch screen computer. The Acer tablet has hand writing capability also (this takes some effort to use for the first month or so)

Looks like I have gotten a little long winded with this response, can you tell which package I prefer?

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I have to agree. Home gauge is definatley the way to go. The software and the support are second to none. And my clients love it to. icon_wink.gif


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