Nathan's Power User group adopted the international hand gesture for cuckoldry. LOL

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


cuckhold hand gesture.png

I can’t get my own thumb to go over to a full 90 degree angle…

Given the definition of cuckoldry then wouldn’t it be a component of misogyny?

That symbol is also used in various demonic rituals.

Go Longhorns?

It gets even worse.

Satanic Salute

They should have used a “symbolic” gesture that only takes one finger.


What would you expect from an Expert Power snake oil salesman…


His Certified Expert was a flop and a disgrace to the industry.

Well, it seems appropriate.

In my opinion, so is most of what he does.


Cuckoldry. Is that where an owner of a home inspection association brings a crooked vendor into his organization to screw his members while he watches?

LOL. I think the consumer is knee-deep in that pile as well.

Sad, but true.


Outstanding Jim!

So are you admitting that you did bring a crooked vendor into the nachi organization to screw the members while you watched?

And also isn’t this same vendor is screwing over his clients as well ?

Bring On The Rukus !!


And why doesn’t Nathan come here and respond to this thread?

Many of our members love his stuff and feel that it gives their clients peace of mind. The warranties also shield them from liability. What could be wrong with that?