National exam??

Fellow NACHI members I’m concerned about taking the national exam on Thursday! I have completed my details and passed online exam that NACHI requires BUT when I registered for national exam today I paid the $50 extra dollars to take PSI practice exam and half of the 50 questions I had no clue of answer!!! So can someone reply and let me know if national exam is alot harder then NACHI exam?? And what I should be studying next 36 hrs before my national exam please!!! Thank you!!

Yes it is

I went through the same worries as you are now. I can tell you this, there are a lot of scam practice test etc out there. NACHI has a lot of the same or near same questions you will encounter on the test. Your best friend for preparing for the test is the NHIE book, all 600+ pages of it that is!! I found the heating section to be the toughest.

If you took the NACHI exam one time only you have a lot more material to get through.
Its different every time you take it.

Might be wise to postpone the NHIE until you are truly ready.

thanks for reply

And if you fail, let me know. We’re suing the EBPHI.

I wish that had been done a year ago.

Its a really fairly easy test. Lot of stupid OR shaky questions.

But what the heck.

We did a 6 hr study session for it, twice a year for 5 yrs. ONlY had 2 people ever not pass 1st time. One was a 20 yr old with no trade background at all, AND the other was a divorced mom with 2 kids that a realtor had pushed into inspections

Yea I failed first time. I’ve ran through the study guide and passed the internachi a ton of times. The test felt like a scam because there didn’t seem to be one true answer per question. It was kind of picking the “best” answer out of the other correct answers which I feel can be biased and geared toward how the people who wrote the test felt was the best answer. Taking it again on November 6th.

As mentioned before, make sure to study the National Home Inspectors Exam book. These test are based off of that book, if you don’t study that book well you have a low chance at passing the test.

Mr.Gromicko could you please reach out to me via email at thank you I’m responding to message you replied about taking national exam and your reply was if I failed to get in contact. Thank You

Sorry, I just noticed this today and may be too late. I think the others pretty well covered it all though.
I passed the NHIE recently and concur with some of the advice above. It is, in my opinion, much harder. I did use the free online exam and took it a million times until I pretty much never missed a question. The NHIE manual is, as mentioned above, about 600 pages. This was my core study guide. I have little trade experience and got a respectable score. I encourage you to postpone and use the manual. And when you hit those questions that have more than one good answer, use the process of elimination, think of safety, and good judgment as an inspector. There were many questions on the NHIE that were like that, and I think for the most part they want to see that you can deduce and use good judgment. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jason Warfle