National Test

Can anyone tell me how the Internachi online inspector examination compares with the Nation home inspection test?

I am going to take it next Friday

Thank You

Take the NACHI test over and over until you score high 90s every time.

The test is different every time you take it.

NHIE will cover things that may not apply in your area.

I would not bother with the NHIE unless you need it for licensing purposes. might also be helpful to you.

I don’t need it for my license here in NY but I’ve been toying with the idea of taking it anyway. National certifications lend credibility. Any edge i can get over the competition is worth exploiting. I’ll be interested to hear your thought after taking the test.

So does the NACHI one if you live in South Florida or any very warm place.

IE basements, oil tanks, furnaces, many heating systems, sump pumps, ice dams, etc.

And how often do you read on this MB of an inspector relocating to a different region of this country? Are you suggesting that they retake a region specific NHIE whenever they move to an area with systems that are typical for that region and not typical for the one they came from? That’s horse****. A Professional Inspector should be qualified to inspect anywhere in this country. With that in mind… that should be one of the primary mandates to become a CMI… working knowledge of all systems typically found in the USA.

Not disagreeing, just stating that there are several aspects of the NHIE and InterNACHI exams that I don’t encounter in my region. However, I still have to learn them as they are brought up in several of the InterNACHI courses as well as other insurance and construction exams that I have to take.

Neither am I Jeff. It just makes it harder for the first timers if they have never seen that stuff.

I am almost certain those are what I got wrong when I took the test to join InterNACHI.

I did not even know I was going to become a member and took it as fast as I could and passed but their was definitely things I did not know and learn something new often.

Many things that are not in my area I learn about here by reading what others ask and post.