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To do an energy audit as a RESNET certified professional, do you use a blower door? Is it required to use a blower door?

Yes and a duct blaster as well. Each one has a 125 page manual.
(I will be glad to use one in the class)

We had one dontated to NACHI.TV, but I found that it took extensive training to operate a blower door effectively and correctly.

I’ve been told that blower doors are being evaluated by EPA, and the entire concept of using them is in question. It’s possible to cause IAQ problems.

Have you heard of this concern about home inspectors using blower doors?

It think very highly of RESNET. Superior organization.
Also our EPA is doing great with informing everyone about energy savings.

I’m wondering how home inspectors can get into “energy audits” without the (some have said to me) “burdensome requirements and costs” of becoming a certified energy auditor.

I want InterNACHI home inspectors (who may be experiencing challenges) to consider the financial opportunities of performing “energy audits.”

There’s no one better qualified to perform an “energy inspection” than an InterNACHI inspector.


I am currently reading up on both BPI and Resnet procedures for using blower doors and duct blowers for energy audits. For Resnet they actually address the IAQ issue and recommend performing an IAQ audit as part of the actual energy audit. I am unclear if that is something that is required for either organizations energy audit.

As a footnote Resnet is adopting an infrared standard as part of an energy audit. I have commented on this already. I know the standards that were proposed for the camera minimum requirements but am very fuzzy on the actual infrared audit part of the energy audit.

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Ben, Im taking the resnet energy raters class in Indianapolis the first week of april. Im already certified with cmc energy but this takes it to a new level. I work with new home builders alot, they are get request by clients on building green. Im a level 1 thermagragher and certified on a blower door but I want the RESNET training. Part of this class is blower door and duct blaster training. I ran into a HVAC guy on a home inspection the other day that wants to hook up after I do the class.