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Has anyone had any experiences with NATMR (National Association of Toxic Mold Remediators) and their education/organization offerings? icon_sad.gif

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Hello, Progy,

I normally do not respond to bulletin board posts since my time is limited, but I was looking around in here and ound your post and felt it necessary to respond. I am a certified home inspector as well as a lot of other certified “this and thats”, with over 40 years in our industry. Just a little precursor to my upcoming comments.

I have been following NATMR for a number of years now, and also know a lot of people who have joined the organization. Lately, more seem to be jumping on board the infamous mold association, and I recently joined as well, after several years of observing and monitoring NATMR.

What myself, and several hundred other certified inpectors, certified mold remediators, builders, and so forth, have found is that NATMR really makes an effort to be the best at what they do. What do they do?

They have a staff of highly knowledgable consultants who are always willing to expend great time and energy helping as many people as possible evaluate mold remediaton clearance failures and find a complete way to properly assess the issues and get the contractors through with the honest ability to sign off on a job well done finally. In other words, it appears they not only care about the mold contractors who rely on NATMR, but the homeowners who had the problems in the first place.

NATMR says that they do not just want to be another membership association who wants member monies, and who grants certification, as their sole purpose for existence. I recently joined the organization several months ago. Apparently NATMT began a new benefit for "new and renewing members", of which I just barely fell out of the ring since I am not now new, nor is it time for me to renew. NATMR sent me the paperwork for a complimentary cruise. A 4 day, 3 night cruise to Mexico, I might add, including meals and entertainment. At first I was skeptical that it was going to happen, or that it was real. I just got back from my cruise about a week ago. I want to than NATMR for the first really nice thing any association has ever done for me without any other expectations.

Certification with NATMR was obviously something I wanted to find out about, so I took the program. It cost me nothing. I had to work pretty hard to pass the 500 question examination, which was online, even with the accompanying online manuals right there for me to refer to, and the certificate and wallet certification card are the nicest ones I have seen to date from any organization or assication. But, that not withstanding, I called NATMR using a pseudonym (fake name), and asked if a remediator/certified home inspector, with my name, of course, was certified by them. In about 5 seconds they not only verified my certification with them, but also that they held me in the highest regard as a mold professional, that I had no complaints against me, and that they highly recommended me as a qualified and respected service provider.

IAQA, IICRC, NORMI, and many other organizations have issued me credentials over the years, but NONE have ever verified anything about me, or ever offered such a strong recommendation about me to anyone...ever. I know, I tested them all. In fact, in every case, all they would ever do is refer me to their website to see who was a member and who was certified.

I recently also attended a government meeting where bids and contracts are awarded. It is interesting to note that at that meeting, the only organization name that came up was NATMR, and the contract being awarded required that it had to be given to an NATMR certified company.

Just a few notes to help you along with your quest for knowledge and direction, if that is what you seek.

Good luck in your search. I would, however, recommend NATMR.

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I was suprised that there were no Bat Boy stories icon_wink.gif

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