Natural gas Vent uynder covered porch

I was at an inspection today and saw this gas vent for a natural gas fireplace behind the swing, under a covered porch with a beam running along the front of the porch. I’ve never run across this. I would question it less if the beam wasn’t there to prevent exhaust gases from escaping further away from the home. Thoughts???

Direct gas vent for a fireplace… needs at least 12-24" to side wall/inside corner. I’d call it out. Best thing to do is verify with fireplace manufacturing instructions. Good luck.

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Edit: And; (page 30)

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Thanks both of you so much that’s great info to have.

36 inches from an inside corner of an L-shaped structure. Definitely not 3 feet in your picture.

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I believe the porch has to be open on at least two sides, and minimum 6 inches clearance to inside corner. Is that right?

Is that soot or other residue from the vent ? or just dirty camera lens/ or shadows?