NCT- Nachi Certified Training ( Electrical )

Ok…since “SOMEONE” feels threatened by my knowledge and ability and NICE LOOKS I will gladly post a BRIEF summary of my Electrical 101 Training Seminar.

Brief Course Structure- Electrical Inspections For Home Inspectors

1.) How Does Electricity Work - Basic understanding and instruction on the basic concepts of the development and distribution of Electricity.

2.) Understanding Ohms Law - Instruction on the methods and practice of Ohms Law, Watts Law ,Etc.

3.) Safety Procedures and Protocols- Protective Wear Safety and Basic Electrical Safety

4.) Electricity Can Kill- Explaining AMPS and is powerful grip

5.) NACHI Standards and Practices

6.) Electrical Terminology- Understanding Basic Electrical Terms

7.) Service Latteral and Overheads- Understanding the requirements and safety issues ( With picture examples ) of the common aspects of a typical service enterance lateral and overhead from upgrades, wire sizing, clearances, defects and complete system understanding.

8.) Cable Types and Insulation Understanding- Learning to understand each cable/raceway and its markings, ratings and ampacity as well as the many requirements in their installation from supporting and terminations.

9.) Understanding Disconnects and “Remote Distribution Panels” sometimes called "SUBS"

10.) Common Electrical Panel Issues- We will cover clearances and safety concerns associated with the electrical distribution system as well as images of common defects and some not so common defects associated with the electrical systems in homes.

11.) Overfusing and Improper Terminations

12.) Explaining the Aluminum Wire Problems and Solutions

13.) Identification of Electrical Problems- Arc Damage, Damaged Conductors and Insulation and Overheating concerns

14.) Understanding FPE Panels and Zinsco Panels as well as Fuse and Circuit Breaker understanding

15.) Electrical Panel Bonding and It’s Understanding- When and How and Why

16.) Understanding Branch Circuits

17.) Wiring Styles and Material Used- Complete understanding of the many types of materials used in electrical wiring

18.) History of Wire Types

19.) Knob and Tube Explained

20.) GFCI Protection - Explaining how it works, when it is needed and WHY it is needed

21.) AFCI Protection - Explaining how it works, when it is needed and WHY it is needed

22.) Outlet Locations and Where Required ( ie: Required Lighting and Receptacles )

23.) Bad Lighting Choices- examples of poor light choices in homes that are considered a safety hazard

24.) Conductor Protection - Explaining the methods to protect NM Cable, AC Cable and other wiring methods to ensure safety and compliance.

25.) What is Grounding and Bonding- Understanding the difference and learning the methods and terminology

26.) Understanding the Grounding Electrode System

27.) Understanding the Equipment Grounding Conductor

28.) Understanding Objectionable Current

29.) Bring your pictures and Stories as any of my PAST students will tell you I will make every effort to answer your questions LIVE and in PERSON !

YES…we go fast and furious to cover all this in 7-8 short hours…the added bonus that my students will tell you ( and many call me weekly ) is that my phone and knowledge is always available to NACHI guys and gals…

Do we use a demo panel…NOPE…their is no time for it so we have images, pictures and I personally give you that " Disney World " experience to help you visually SEE what i am speaking about…TRUST me my seminars are well worth the time…PLUS you get to meet ME…how can you go wrong…

Yea and if it was not so far from Canada I would come for that reason alone .
Try it I know you will like it .
Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Thanks Roy…I hope to meet you someday…I simply love doing seminars and as a few folks know…I like humor in it as well…lol

I know we can get Mr. Rausch to get a NCT Event up your way if you get enough guys interested…I might even throw in a few “EH’s” for you canadians…:)…

Molson Rules…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the information Paul.

Very enlightning for sure.

when are seminars on long island with lennys group?

I believe I am speaking on October 21 in Long Island .

I have taught CE courses for NACHI. The first one, Joe Tedesco showed up. How intimidating. But, it turned out great (for the class) because they had two instructors, not just one.

Later, I went to the Ohio education weekend (you know, the one that we were all spammed about) and sat in on Paul’s class there. Joe also showed up. Joe contributed. Paul was awesome and even I helped (with my uncanny impersonation of a typical Chicago union electrician, ‘Uhhhh. Well, it’s code.’).

This is the strength of NACHI. People helping people. I have a talent for reading and being able to put together courses from what I read. I have taught at high school, univeristy and professional levels. But, as Joe F. says so often, Teaching is an art, not a science. I have found that there are three type of teachers:

  1. Teachers that really know their subject material.
  2. Teachers that really know how to teach.
  3. Teachers who really know their material and also know how to teach.

The last kind are rare. In over 9 years of university level education, I have only met three. Paul was the forth.

Paul knows his stuff and can teach it in an easygoing, self-depricating manner that puts the students at ease and helps them to actually enjoy the process.

Hope this helps;

WHAT…I never Self Deficated in my class (snicker)…OH wait…you said in a self depricating manner…oh I get ya…thehehe…

Thanks Big Guy…You are TOO kind !


Why can’t you put something together for a class in May in Toronto at our convention? EH!!!


I have offered Mario and have told Deana that I am willing to do so…but to date I have heard nothing so I can only assume I am not needed to do so.

Plus I believe they already have a HUGE list of speakers…not sure how that gal manages them all…and only 22 years old…such a sweatheart…anyway…I digress…

As always if NICK asks…I will come…if you Build it they will come…

Oh…and I think you need a passport…which I dont have…lol…yet anyway

Paul I thought you were comming to our Chapter meeting in November? Now I see you are comming in November but not to our meeting but some NCT thing? Did I miss something?


I do not believe I was ever coming to a Chapter Meeting…

If not for NCT I would probably not be doing any seminars so atleast it is something my friend…

WHAT…you can’t spend $ 100.00 to sit with me for 8 hours…lol…I am quite charming you know…lol

MAN…I just LOOKED at the summary of all the things we cover and more in my seminars…MAN I must be GOOD to cover all that in 8 hours…Amazing…:slight_smile:

I tell you…we do cover alot of INFO in 8 short hours…those that know me will tell you I like to SKIP the “wee-wee” breaks and snack times…Mr. Rausch has to always come in and stop me…lol…I just can’t stop teaching…lol


Any restrictions placed on you are between you and NCT, not NACHI. You are a free agent, as far as NACHI is concerned.

Joe…I was talking about chapter meetings…not what i do on my own on the electrical side…I do those seminars…I was talking about chapter meetings…different thing Joe

Who says you cannot teach at chapter meetings?

hmmm…maybe I should not have said CAN’T…heck If I know…Dont read too much into that post…lol…I was saying I think the only events I am doing for NACHI right now are NCT events except the one in Long Island…that was all.

I think what i was saying is i need 8 hours to do my classes at the minimum…chapter meetings are too short…not a good venue for my type of training…and i dont blame anyone…i need 8 hours.


A chapter can set up a seminar for whatever time it takes. I have one set up in St. Louis to cover 2 days in December.

Chapters are your best bet, it you want to build a regular circuit. This thing going on with NCT which seems to be in competition with the chapters may be good for one round, then pfffft.:wink:

No wonder you can’t play Golf when you get here, your not working for Nick…:smiley: