Need a nice home inspection brochure? These are ready to go.

Gorgeous home inspection brochures.

Nice brochures. Please suggest a cheaper shipping method at InspectorOutlet than FedEx? $15 to ship a $12 item seems a little steep to me.

Steven, thanks for the heads up! We do offer USPS shipping options that are cheaper, but our account with USPS seems to be having issues, and I don’t know why. They’re not showing up on our site. I’m working on it though, and we’ll have it running as soon as we can. Sorry about this, and again, thanks for letting me know or I wouldn’t have caught it.

Thanks so much, I will place my order then!

Well, it appears that I’ve figured out the problem. Apparently the shipping option which we’ve been using, USPS First Class Mail, has a weight limit of a pound. Unfortunately, all the new marketing materials come in packs of fifty that weigh over a pound, so we have to send them FedEx as USPS is no longer doing media mail here and Priority Mail is more expensive than FedEx. I wish there was something I could do to make it cheaper but I don’t have any control over the prices and rules set by the shipping companies.

Well, disregard my last post. I’ve got plain old Parcel Post on the site now for orders over a pound in the US only, and First Class for under a pound. Thanks for waiting for me on this, glad I got it figured out.

I thought USPS Priority Mail has a deal where “If it fits, it ships, anywhere in the country, regardless of the weight (up to 70lbs), for one flat rate”? (Medium Size Box = $10.70) At least that’s what their TV commercials are saying. Is that still more than FedEx?

Eric they do and it is great and way cheaper than fed ex.


I think I have seen that roof several times in material. Is the roof suppose to be missing ridge caps? Is that part of the marketing aspect of it?

They do, but for an online retailer like Inspector Outlet, we have no way of being able to tell if an order a customer places will physically fit in one of those boxes, whether the small, medium or large. Thus we have to go by weight based shipping options, not to mention that everyone at IO and InterNACHI has been thoroughly disgusted by the USPS in the past. They’ve lost or damaged many of our packages and haven’t paid for any of them. It’s like pulling teeth to try and get them to work with us. FedEx, on the other hand, has been a breeze. That’s why we try and use them when we can.