Need a Stinger Flashlight battery.

Anyone know where I can get a really good deal on a replacement battery for a Streamlight Ultra Stinger flashlight?

Getting them from the local cop-shop is usually cheaper than online. That’s my experience, faster too…

Got mine on ebay for less than $10…

I used to buy at the local cop shop. Then I found They beat everybody hands down for the Stinger batteries, including my shorter Streamlight LED. Fast shipping too.

Everyone needs to be aware that these low cost batteries are only “replacement” types. For example the ultra stinger comes with an 1800 mAh battery and the $10-$15 ones are 1500 mAh. The same holds true for camera batteries, the knock off ones just don’t last as long. If they are half the cost, just buy two and you will be fine.

Local cop shop!!!

Buy good and buy a stream light battery. They are the best and last the longest. I buy 2 every 2-3 years. The cheap ones never last.

I buy the 3000 mah replacements from SUNN Battery, and they have lasted nearly 6 years so far. They nearly double the use time of the ultra stinger.