Need an honest plumber in Charlotte NC

Last time the TPR valve was leaking on my Mom’s water heater the “neighborhood” plumbing company charged her $400 to change the TPR valve. :twisted:
Well now there is a slight drip coming from the TPR valve again and she calls Home Depot for an estimate… the plumbing company sent by Home Depot is telling her that the whole WH needs replaced at a cost of $1700:twisted::twisted: She asks why so expensive and the plumber says the WH must be brought up to new code:twisted:
Also the toilet is leaking “at the flapper and the wax ring” according to the plumber, and “the whole toilet needs replaced” at a cost of $750, but if you act in 24 hours, we will include a $100 coupon and a senior discount so it will only be $638 including tax.:twisted: Burns me UP!!!
My step Dad just passed a several months ago and Mom’s been having a hard time. Then these fing ash holes gonna try to take advantage.
Anyone have some plumbing skills and want to make some side cash? Or at least know of a reputable plumber? She lives on the south side of Charlotte a few miles from SC It is a nice neighborhood of higher end 4 unit condos. If interested my Phone is 239-339-7380

It would be cheaper for you to fly there and do it for her.

Exactly what I was thinking! Hoping to find someone, as very busy right now… I have some cousins in Rock Hill too, I haven’t heard from for years.


Flip the valve release handle a few time and see if that fixes it…
Mine was leaking a little and that is what I did.

I wanted to tell her that but I’m afraid she might open it and freak out.

It may just need to be reseated. Rotate the handle.
How old was the heater again?

I tried to get her to take a couple pics, her friend is going to come over today and help her take a pic.

YOU need to talk to the plumber.

Good idea.

Is it electric or gas?

If I remember right it is gas.



An honest plumber is like a needle in a haystack.

They’re out there, but dang, they are hard to find.

Very hard to find!

Can you give a list of what to check for the plumber ?
Check water incoming water pressure It may need a expansion tank ?
Check the temperature pressure valve
Check the toilet( add food color to the tank to see if flapper is leaking A friend could do that .
Is the toilet loose at the floor. friend could do that one too .
Seems they are ripping her off , If this is true i would inform home depot. I hat hearing Jack asses ripping the elderly . If i was closer i would go and check for you .Do you k now any inspectors near her .

Thanks Wayne, I have seen a few posts from members in her area, that is why I posted. Good ideas too.