Need help Identifying insulation type

Having a brain fart on the proper description of the loose fill insulation.
What is the approximate R value?

I did note the reversed vapour barrier. Actually I believe there should be unfaced insulation when adding over existing insulation.

Perlite & vermiculite are typically grey/brown, this type is white.


Insulation Type.jpg

Looks like expanded polystyrene at R value of 4@inch and yes no moisture barrier if doubled up like you say or the moisture can get sandwiched.
Close up would have helped.

Here is a close up of one where they covered the K&T, wait till you see the crawlspace pics I have. This report is taking forever!!

They insatlled over R13 batts with a vapour barrier sandwich.

174410 052 1.jpg

Yes the Vapor barrier is wrong, and I is an increased fire hazard installed that way, if it is a paper backing. :smiley:

The knob and tube cannot be buried and Poly S is flammable.

What a mess.

This was good compared to the crawlspace!!

I feel for ya.

Those reports take forever.

One more reason to charge a premium for older housing while being careful to explain to your customer why you must.

I feel you on the reports.
What’s the matter you can’t do it in the van with in 15 minutes and print it out on site.
You must be lazy.:slight_smile:

I have suspected for a long time the guys that live in parts of the country where slab on grade is predominate just don’t get it. Bob.

It would be fun to hear from someone that moved from area to another and have them relate their experience.

Lots of guys do fast reports here but I doubt they have my testimonials to go with them.
OK shameless plug, but you get the idea.

There is so much you can miss if you do not go over your pictures and there is no argument that stands up against taking many shots to protect yourself.

Notice I asked for a closeup and he provided one.
Checklist guys with the proud 15 shots would have no recourse for help here and would have an inferior report.:slight_smile:

Bob I can’t remember the last time I took less than 200 pics at an inspection. :smiley:

It has save my butt several times.

Not to mention Joe Ferry has an excellent new article on his site in regards to this .


I inspect homes in northern Arizona where Basements-Crawlspaces are common, there are many old buildings built in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s.

I don’t know how most inspectors here who inspect houses with Crawlspaces and Basements at just about every property can make any money at the prices they charge. But the problem is not with any particular group, the profession in its entirety.

Its like inspecting another complete floor of a building with more things that can be wrong than just about any other portion of the building.

I would think $675-$875.00 for a 2000 sf house would be a fair price, but from what I have seen through the years they charge less than we do for a slab on grade, pity really.

I now understand why many inspectors are doing commercial and IR.

The time involved in the shacks is not anywhere near as prosperous.

Maybe one day I will have the smarts to do the big buildings and get properly compensated for my time.

I figured today a 1200 sq. ft house would be a piece of cake. I figured wrong.

You are allowed to insulate over k&t just not encapsulate it. Foam type insulation was the exception so that’s probably why they used the beads.

I take at least 200 for each home, I got 2 external hard drives full lolol

I disagree, where did you here that you can cover K&T with any type of insulation?

David here is an link to basically what I was saying. I’ve seen older houses with old vermiculite insulation over K&T it took the NEC a long time to say it wasn’t allowed. Some states do or did allow it. Like CA. As long as the electrician said the wiring was good it could be covered. They would put a notice in the attic access warning people there was wiring buried under the insulation and that meet code.

That is so right brother BOB… pictures need some scrutiny… i’ve found lots more on the review. Good camera lets u zoom right in too…

on site reports… hahahahahahaha