Need help in Los angeles CA

I will be having hip replacement surgery sometime early next year, and I’m looking for a couple of reliable, certified home inspectors that would be willing to work as independent subcontractors during my recovery time. ( you could also add the geographic location here if you want) It will take at least two months for me to be recovered enough to return to work. In addition, if things go well, I would be open to combining efforts in future projects as well.

Jose, if you KNOW some quality inspectors in your area that you could feel confident in recommending, while you are recovering, that may be another avenue.

And, if you are looking to mark up the inspection fee, so you get paid some of it, who’s company name will be on the contract? You will have to have confidence in the inspector(s) that you recommend, but it seems less complicated to me to just refer a couple inspectors and developing relationships.


Thank you Larry.