Contract Update

Just wanted to thank the powers above for adding the signature functionality to the InterNachi contract system. That was a nice surprise and I just noticed it today. I’m guessing the signature is mouse driven… props for nice coding skills go out to your web developers!

Thanks again,

Tim did a great job on that. Can’t wait for his next big improvement :slight_smile:

It just keeps getting better and better. For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, visit:

I had a client email me about it two nights ago and had to go see what she was taklking about…

“Hello Bert,
I have successfully made both the payment and executed the agreement. I must say I love your system (allowing to sign with mouse or finger). You must share…the software or what?)”

Kudos to Tim and Internachi!


I’ve recently started using the online agreement system and it works extremely well. Great system! Thanks Nick/ Tim/ InterNACHI!

And remember the big advantage to using InterNACHI’s free, online agreement system. We time-stamp these agreements and I’m willing (for free) to testify under oath on behalf of the world’s largest, non-profit inspection trade association that your client signed the agreement on that date… should that ever be an issue in a claim.