Need help with roof flashing question

From today’s inspection: are these the right kinds of rocks to use for flashing a combustion vent (this was for the furnace)?


Sorry… this was a joke. Just so you know, rocks aren’t used for roof flashing. This is what comes from no one thinking I have a sense of humor.
I thought someone would call me on this.
Go to to see the home I inspected today.

No! Since it is a combustion vent, they should of used these instead.

Lava Rocks:mrgreen:

LOL Kenton where in the world did you find that picture? :slight_smile:

Absolutely not!!! You should always use LAVA rocks, since they are preheat tested by NATURE and are, therefore, a “natural” choice.

Q (also, just joking)


Slate would be more appropriate… IMO :slight_smile: