new inspector

Hi guys my name is Odany Bravo as you can tell i’m new here .Im just looking for some advise from the experience ones , just last week i sent my application to dbpr and i’m eager to get started.

Now what do you guys recommend for me to do next. i don’t know what all is require to do wind mitigation and four point inspection. if some one can help me with that.



I recommend you get as much education on the inspection process as possible. And then if you find someone in your area that has the proper experience. And ask them if you can shadow them for a while…good luck

Come to the meeting this weekend in West Palm Beach. You can learn a lot by talking to some of the people there. Plus we will be discussing Wind Mits.

thanks yes i been getting all the education the i can .and finding someone sounds like a good idea .hope to find some one the wants to help.:mrgreen:

thanks ill be there.

Seeing that you are right here with 2000 others right in my back pocket feel free to contact me anytime via email and i’LL HELP ALL i CAN.


damn cap button.

What did you do before you joined this fine profession?

well thanks for your offer very nice off you.
i had a property maintenance business for rental communities ,but with some of the companies the i work for going down i had to close .

I am always available email or call anytime :slight_smile: Good Luck.

thanks a lot . it looks like you are close to me i’m in plantation .Thinking to start building a wet site, also i know a few the are Realtor so the should get me going .

It is rough. There is a ton of competition and it all revolves around price :frowning: Just about anyone now qualifies to do the insurance stuff.

With the Hi’s you can sell quality and service but with the insurance stuff it is all about price :frowning:

yeah but bottom line is you get what you pay for. this people with the low prices are also giving out a inferior report.:frowning:


sorry could not resist

My advice: Read every word of … and then make it your inspection business “to do” list.

May I ask, where did you do the 120 hour requirement?

Just curious… Primarily, what type of inspections will you be performing in your business?


Full Home Inspections

Thanks for the link

Good for you! I am going to make a suggestion that others may chew my butt over, but I don’t care. I’m not here to make friends. Just ask “The Meeker”!

DO NOT focus your attention on the Florida Inspectors section of this MB. Most all threads have to do with Wind Mits, Four Points, etc. Although an important part of Florida culture, they only scratch the surface of a true home inspection. Stay here too long, and you will become bitter and resentful from all the BS that gets slinged here.

Why do I read this section? Two reasons:

  1. In theory, Wind Mitigation is relevant across the country. Florida does not have a monopoly on high winds, contrary to their belief. I bet you 99% of them have never been to the upper Midwest, where high winds can be constant for months on end, not just a few days. I follow the trends in construction and retrofits to help in my area dealing with hundreds of tornados every year. As for Four Points, we do them also, we just call them insurance inspections, or investor inspections.

  2. I enjoy pushing the buttons of (faux) wanna-be real inspectors and out of work contractors. They just can’t seem to help themselves being so cocky and arrogent. It’s like shooting fish-in-a-barrel around here. Unfortunately, there are a few great inspectors here that get caught in the crossfire, but thankfully they know who they are, and understand what is what.

Study hard, and ask lots of questions. We really don’t mind. Just do us a favor… if it’s a really basic question… use the search feature first. We do get a bit tired answering the same question 150 times a year, every year, year after year! :wink:

Thanks for your advise and time.