Thanks NACHI!

I’m not quite sure how, but I’m sure it was through NACHI, but I just got a call out of the blue from Trinity asking me to be their inspector for the different counties around here. They also had no problem with me asking for $75! Yay!

That’s going to help alot, between that and DDN.

So again, Thanks Nachi!!!:mrgreen:

DDN is good - clean & simple.
Easy to work with, Wendy!

lol…I have only done (1) for DDN…but they paid me to go back to the house like 2 times already for the same thing…lol…we don’t get alot of them from DDN in our area…

Not sure it is worth me doing many of them anyway if they were…but based n the last one I did…easy money.

I’ve been working with DDN for about four months.

But Trinity solicited me. That’s really exciting to get a phone call from them asking me to work for them.

How is Trinity in your opinion?


Can’t say I have heard of them…maybe someone else has…

Have been doing work for Trinity for several years and they are the best.


Thanks Jerry! That is good news! I was very encouraged that they didn’t blink an eye when I asked for $75. Very happy! :slight_smile:

I believe in the Trinity,

Is that what you were asking?

Have you tried Office Tiger? They are based in utah.

No I haven’t, thanks Linas. This was just out of the blue, I hadn’t ever contacted Trinity so I’m sure glad to see something’s working. :slight_smile:

Do you have a link for Office Tiger?

Nope. But I’m glad to hear it. :slight_smile: or They do commercial inspections and pay every 2 weeks.Good gas and other expense money to get you between the home inspections.

Thanks Linas! :slight_smile:


There are a lot more. That should keep you busy for awhile filling out online applications.

Wow! Thanks! All signed up with the first one. (getting delirious from being up all night again…)

More companies…

Some companies don’t respond but it’s worth a try for some quick and easy cash.

go to sleep Wendy…I already WON todays Stereo…thehehehhe

That was YESTERDAY’s Stereo Paul! I still have a chance for todays. I think. Now that I think about it. What time was the darn thing posted?


Wonder if I should walk my two miles before I go to bed, or go to bed and risk not waking up and wanting to walk?


Such a quandry…

I think I’m a vampire. I do my best work at night. :wink:

actually I believe it was posted right after midnight…so I would guess another one will not be posted until tomorrow…after midnight…lol…NICK seems to LIKE the early bird specials…:slight_smile:

Aw crud.

I walked my two miles, actually jogged part of it, and now I’m all woke up and P*ssy. Not good.

Sigh… do something constructive…do constructive…do…some…con…hmmm…