Service panel

Just inspected this house and this is the service entrance. It’s not bad, but look at the service conductors. BTW, the client is an electrical code inspector for the county.
At first glance, I thought I was looking at some melting of the conductors. Then realized it was grease. Is there such thing as too much?

Also, this conductor running to the A/C unit, is colored with what looks like a marker - shouldn’t that be done with colored tape? The client agreed with me, and will be making repairs after he closes the house.

That grease could very well be grease. It could also be a type of de-ox paste, although I have never seen anything like that.

Smaller conductors are actually not allowed to be re-colored with tape. Code suggests paint, but a Sharpie marker works great and lasts forever. You cannot say the same for tape.

They are aluminum conductors, and it looks like it is the consistency of axle grease. I’ve seen many panels around here with the same lightly applied to the service conductors.
This is smeared across several terminals. Anyway, I’ve put it into my report, and I recommended that it be cleaned up if any other electrical work is needed in the future.
For some reason, I thought tape was recommended - thanks for clearing that up.

Andrew, It is aluminum wire oxide inhibitor its used to keep aluminum wire from oxidizing.
check out this link

“Oxide inhibitor use is considered good workmanship
for all aluminum or copper terminations.
The oxide inhibitor provides a barrier at the
connection point that prevents moisture and
other potentially damaging environmental
substances. The oxide inhibitor must be listed
for the application. Oxide inhibitors are made for
use with copper, aluminum, or both copper and aluminum.”

It may be a little to much, but better to much then none.

So no harm no foul.
The guy did a good job.

I agree with what you have posted, however, I agree with SP that this may not be No-alox. The color looks wrong. If is actually a grease and not a product made for this use it would be wrong.

Jim, Years ago I used to get oxide inhibitor that looked like grease from Florida Power & Light when I did service changes. No-alox is gray and is what most electricians use these days. One thing I do remember is if you get either one on your clothes you might as well throw them out!!!