Neutral and ground again

This guy took his time

looks nice


so I guess this is ok





He did a nice job, to bad he screwed up! Amazing. I wouldn’t have believed until I saw the picture.


I’ve seen plenty of new Construction with mixed neutrals throughout.

I always reg flag them.

They seem to care less in Phoenix, the AHJ green tag them.

The romex is a different story…but uniform…:smiley:

While we are on the subject of Neutrals & Gnds again let me run this by everyone. I’m not sure why I’m second guessing myself on this but I just have a nagging feeling. The 1st photo is a Service Entrance breaker next to the meter, the second photo is load side equipment subpanel about 50 feet away on the other side of the home. I recommended a EC further inspect and remove the Neutral/Gnd buss jumper bar at the subpanel. Seems like a no-brainer to me and I can’t understand why I’m having doubts.

Dave, the last 50 or so that I have done are all this way:roll:
So I guess no one cares…

The “sub panel” always needs to have the neutral and ground seperate.

As far as the HI is concerned, we should consider this to be true, however, this is not always correct. There are exceptions to this rule. . .

In the service disconnect panel there is nothing wrong with mixing neutrals and grounds on the same bus, as long as the neutrals are one per terminal.

Yes, one per terminal. But as Kevin’s pic shows, the neutrals are one per terminal but are tapped with a ground wire.

Yep, was made more clear in 2002 NEC but has been their all along in the Standard 67 of the UL…I know of 1 GREAT electrician who has been doing electrical work for years and always put his neutrals and grounds together and never once got rejected by a local AHJ…when I told him about it years ago he said I was making it up…lol…lets just say today he seperates them now…lol


In addition to the need to remove the neut/gnd bonding jumper at the sub panel, there also needs to be a ground wire run to it from the main panel.

Another new job




Ok…an electricians take…WHY on earth do these guys keep running the NM like this…they increase the issue of exposed NM that needs to be protected when they do this…very odd…

If they work it towards the top and straight down into the panel they get away from physical damage issues…just dont understand some of the installations I see…