neutral & ground same buss bar lug

I saw this today. Most times I see neutral and ground on the same bar but different lugs. This panel has about 9 on the same lug. Is it acceptable?

Lou P.

this may help you (I believe someone posted this a while back)


Is it the entrance panel, or a distribution panel? Distribution panel must be separate bus bars; one neutral grounded conductor to one terminal screw; grounding can be doubled.

Lugs, Bugs, Bars, Oh My.

I’m getting the sense there is a miss communication going on here since there is a terminology mix up.

I believe the OP is asking if Equipment Grounding Conductors “Grounds” and Grounded Conductors “Neutrals” can be on the same bar? Even though they are under different terminal screws (what I think the OP is calling lugs). Under certain conditions this is ok. However, you compound two questions into one paragraph, and mention you see one with 9 ‘somethings’ under a ‘lug’. huh?

Rather than explain what you meant, a photo would be nice. :wink:


It was clarified here. . .

Ah, there is the photo I was looking for…