Neutrals in a Fuse Panel

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I don’t understand the question Rob.

Some panel boards allow 3 grounding conductors per grounding bus termination e.g. CH, I believe. Have to look at the label.

Correct under certain conditions.


The above is how newer inspectors get confused.

This is a home inspection forum NOT Mike Holt’s electrical forum.

You’ve stated that the terminal bus in this panel is only rated for two conductors, how do you know this? If you’re just shooting from the hip you’re confusing those trying to learn.


Then maybe newer inspectors shouldn’t be performing electrical panel inspections. As you have pointed out it is confusing and often electricians disagree with them.

If they aren’t prepared they may be embarrassed or worse yet sued.

Electrical inspections are the most difficult part of a home inspection. I am only trying to show them that they should only call out what they know as a fact.

I’ll conceded that I do not have the supporting documentation for my statement.
Another reason not to ‘call it out’ as a defect.

Good point!

How can they do this when you can’t even come up with the facts yourself before you make a statement.
This forum would be a lot better if you looked up facts yourself before opening your mouth.

There is proof right there that you speak before looking up facts.

All you are doing is confusing everyone here trying to learn and building more mistrust on anything you say.
So you are wasting your time and wasting the time of everyone else that comes here expecting to learn something.
Do us all a favor and do like a leaf as they say.


And, in doing so, you are confusing them.

They are on this home inspection forum to learn and share.


And you know that I haven’t tried to verify this, how?

Sometimes we rely on our experience as a tradesperson.

What you fail to realize is that when the manufacturer requirements aren’t available many of us go to best practices or experience for an opinion.

Remember a home inspection is an opinion of conditions.

I freely admitted that I couldn’t support my opinion.

Apparent to me that you have long lost the credibility of your opinion, so between that and not stating facts before you speak, you are wasting your time and ours.


Im trying to learn more and follow what has happened here.

Am I correct that Mr. Parks is attempting to point out that various panels may be allowed to have multiple (usually, but not always 2 or 3 wires) in a single lug on a neutral and/or a ground bus bar?

If that is the case, where is this listing of what appears to be a manufacturer’s instructions for installation from? Is it from the OP’s panel in question and I missed that somewhere? If not, where is it pulled from so I can learn more about this product.

I understand the OP is asking a Canada specific question and the answer may differ in the US. Making an assumption (I didn’t stand in front of this panel to count and a picture make it difficult to do) there are 4 neutrals in each of the 4 lugs. It seems there are enough empty lugs to take the 12 (assumed) neutrals out of the shared lugs and redistribute if desired or required.

This is a tricky subject because it boils down to an opinion from the inspector.

IMHO you need to first decide if it posses a safety concern. If not move on.

"But it’s a code violation. " - so what! IN Ohio this is not a serious hazards. It may be different where you live.

Moving the grounded conductors will not improve safety. Why? Because it’s not unsafe now.

Others will disagree with me. You are going to have to come to your own conclusion

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