New 3rd consumer-interest Division of NACHI.TV promoting members to open up in July.

Currently NACHI.TV has 2 Divisions… the Information & Entertainment Division for inspectors headed up by Valerie and the Advanced Education Division headed up by Ben.

Come July we will launch the Consumer Interest Division to produce consumer guides, public service announcements and commercials, all indirectly promoting InterNACHI members to consumers and real estate agents. The new Division will use all the latest editing technology (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Shake, etc.). Additional staff has already been hired and will begin work at NACHI.TV’s studios in July.

I hope to see this venture expand so much, that all Buyer Brokers (throughout the U.S.) will be recommending iNACHI members on a daily basis.

Can you produce a “Why Smart Home Buyers Will Hire a iNACHI Member” five minute spot that everyone can imbed into their web pages?

Jim, that is exactly the kind of stuff we are going to produce.


Cool. Love it.