New Appointment manager is released

Is there a way for time blocks on your google calendar to populate the HG calendar?

That makes sense if a multi inspector group planned on using one calendar.
You do have the ability to sync individual calendars to each person though.

To me it doesn’t make sense. I need the buyers info, and I use the calendar to obtain everything I need. All documentation, notes, permits, etc are on the calendar. One click on my phone and its there. Having my name there becomes useless, and the whole thing is moot.

Unless your coming out with an app for hg to allow me to essentially bypass google calendar then so far the sync is useless to me.

I also know I can get an email sent to me as the inspector. why would I want to get emails every day with the buyers info, that’s what the calendar is for.

I need everything in one place. I don’t need to check emails, and calendars and HG.

Thats why we have been griping about. My buyer info, emails, phone #, address and all other info is in one place. I can then click on the address and boom, I have directions. Need to call, just click on the number. all info is right there.

My concern with Google calendar sync is that it takes awhile for appointments entered in HomeGauge appointment to show up on the Google calendar. I have seen it take anywhere from several hours or more to overnight when I was testing it out. That could be an issue for multi inspector firms or when more than one person is booking appointments because if they do not see an already booked appointment on the Google calendar it may result in double booking or schedule conflicts.

It won’t result in double booking because the source of where you book is not the google calendar it’s our Appointment manager that works in real time. Google calendar is only refreshing every so many hours. Which works in general…except when you make an appointment change. Until and if we can figure out how to ask Google to refresh faster the appointment manager is the true reference to use. Your multi inspectors receive text messages and email notifications as well. Also, if you have never tried to edit the appointment manager from your phone you should as it is responsive and works.

I think the minor issue stems from the fact that both him and I (and my wife who does the scheduling) are used to looking at a calendar.
Google calendar allows everyone to see all, or only a specific persons agenda. in multiple formats by days weeks, etc.
The HG button on the phone is nice, but when I go to the HG mobile calendar, all I have is a list of days and appointments.
Is there a way to change this list show it shows more like a weekly calendar on the phone?
I could abandon google calendar all together if the HG one was more functional in this manner.

Also it taken over 24 hours for my calendar to update in some cases.
Everything else works great BTW. Now if you could get the agreements included, then hat would eliminate 2 additional steps.

Okay, so how do I see the Homegauge calendar on my android phone? I see no option to view or schedule appointments in Homegauge Companion.

You can use your browser and go to the apt manager and set it as a bookmark.

We are also working on an app for agent and inspector to pass through the log in and go straight to reports (for agents) and to the appointment manager for inspectors. Eventually the app will enable agents to go straight to the appointment manager and book a inspection when we code that ability on our new apt mgr.

Will we see more updates to the new scheduler or will we have to wait another year? I am still using the old system because I get most of my appointments from online users. I really need for the agents to be able to order online.

Am I the only one who is eagerly waiting for the next release. It has been six months since part of the promised new scheduler has been released. I can not use it as is. I need to have a fully functional scheduler as promised.

I am paying an in house developer to work full time on it. So we have been working on it continually.

An update is that this week the in house beta testing is beginning on agreements feature. Selecting multiple agreements and some smart features related to services and agreements etc. So soon the agreements. Then payments. Then customer and agent ability to schedule. Then call centers.

We are making progress and I want it out yesterday myself!!!

So, given that it has taken 7 to 8 months to develop the latest segment. And that only one person is working on this project. We can expect to have the completed scheduler sometime in early 2019. Is that right?

Am I supposed to address your sarcasm?

The online appointment manager is ready now and is being used by a few hundred people. Some inspectors are waiting for more features to be added. In 2016 more features will be added. Adding another programmer to it can happen in certain areas of development and some areas are best to be performed by the same person.

If you can’t wait on it there are other alternatives out there.

I meant no disrepect. However, I am trying to get a realistic idea of the timeline so I can make some decisions. Is anytime before 2019 realistic or not.

Just use ISN.
No reason to hold up your business waiting for upgrades.

I would use ISN except it has one fatal flaw. When scheduling online, it does not have the flexibility of choosing an inspection time base on length of the inspection chosen. Homeguage does it right. If ISN would copy the Homegauage method, I be there right now. I suggested it to ISN and they blew me off. That one feature alone is more valuable to me as a one man operation. Scheduling flexibility online is one feature that keeps my younger realtors coming back.