New Appointment manager is released

We have just released the new appointment manager. Here is a video of how to get it set up and book an inspection

I will make a deeper level one (part 2) soon.

The existing old business scheduler will remain until the new one does equal or more in features.

This one is very basic on the release and is only a private scheduler and not yet able to allow Customers to schedule on their own like the existing one.

Those that want to can use it now as it does work (except for any bugs we have yet to find)

Homegauge Team

Thank you for the update.

We used the New appointment manager yesterday!!! My office manager (wife) liked the feature of being able to drag the appointments to a new day or time. She also commented that she like the age and check box fields.

She didn’t like having to redo my outgoing emails and when she copied and pasted them in place a few of the tags have changed. They would not pull the customer/agents name into place. Old Fname ___ New Firstname as an example.

The agents and clients confirmation email had question marks in the subject line when mailed out. How do we remove them?

The map was great on the appointment screen. Is there a way to set the office address to see how far away the inspection is?

Keep up the Great work!

As a long time user I would like to Thank you and your team for all the help and exceptional customer service throughout the years!!!


Very nice Russell

Cant find where to send other an email. I have the buyer and agent options, but not other.


Outstanding! The whole time I was watch the video, I was thinking, “I really hope there is a setting that will export the appt to my Google calendar.”


Answer: The other will pop up at the notifications page after booking the inspection with at least one customer or agent added. There you can add in the other.

Thanks Guys! More to come and soon!

Look for the news alert due out in a few days for more info on whats coming next and as we make tweaks to what you see now.

Thanks Mike! I have passed this info to the nerds for a better answer and will get back with you.

Hi Mike,
I talked with the nerds and for the replacement variables, RECIP_FNAME and RECIP_LNAME are only used in TRM (Our feature Time Release Messages). The old business scheduler and appointment manager uses separate fields for each type of person on the appointment such as INSP_FIRSTNAME, CUST_FIRSTNAME and REP_FIRSTNAME. It might not be a bad idea to support recipient specific replacement variables. DATE and TIME were changed to INSPECTION_DATE and INSPECTION_TIME respectively. From the notification templates page, there is a link that shows all of the variables and an example of what they are for. There is also a link to view a preview of the template.

The question mark in subject line is from copying and pasting an invalid character, likely from MS Word. You can just delete them like any other text.


First, I cant find the hg message board link. Did you hide it on your new site? Probably easier to leave feedback there.
Secondly, the calendar will sync to google calendar, but if I move an appointment it will not move in google calendar.

Am I missing something can we not sync to our google calendar yet?

yes if using the new apt mgr you can. Its under Calendar Sharing at your dashboard under appointments. Once you create the url you can click the google calendar link and it will add it to your calendar. I am working on another video tour to explain it better.

Thanks for the info about google not moving the date. I will get back with you on that after I discuss with nerds.

We removed our message board altogether and have went with the HG support center Here we can keep perfecting each FAQ and we have something their called “open Questions” where we are able to monitor and to respond to more quickly. I am checking this HG Forum here at InterNACHI regularly so those interested are welcome to use this forum like our old HG message board.

Ok, I see the link and click it takes me to my google calendar. I thought the appoinments on google will show on the appoinments in the scheduler. Is this something not yet activated?


That’s the thing I can’t see the question marks on my side?

Not when we are editing or in the preview mode.

Only after we send it and the Agent and Customer receives it.

I don’t think we did anything with the subject line.

Thanks for the heads up on the new tags she found the sheet. We were just letting others know to be careful with coping the letters from the old scheduler


Russell, do you have any plans to integrate the scheduler with Americas Call Center?

I have contacted Paul Zak several times and I am not sure he is interested. So I am open to it if he would respond with API information that I have requested a few times.

Meanwhile I am working with another successful call center and we plan to announce our relationship soon. I plan to promote them heavily. They have several friendly staff and are familiar with home inspectors and their business.

HG is not syncing with gmail now.

OK Russ
the calendar is oddly working now. Added appointments to my google calendar last night. but…
all added items are labeled under my name, not the buyers name. That means we will have a google calendar full of one persons name, mine.

Thanks Sean for the feedback. If a multi inspector firm then the inspectors name makes sense so the company and inspector can see who and where. It does display the different address under your name. Having said that, perhaps a choice for the inspector to include buyers name or replace inspectors name with buyer depending on the users preferences.

We like the feedback because this is how we pick and choose the improvements to come.