How about Lennar

Did a walk-thru today and yesterday on two homes for two brothers and those cheap bastards are sticking foam up and painting it. They claim to bond it with regular blue bonding and skim it. I think they would be better off not coating it. What a mess that community will be.

Any ideas on what I could tell the client to force them to do it correctly.
They are claiming that is it. I will attach a pict in a few minutes.

Maybe a letter from an expert? ME :slight_smile:

Here it is. :roll:

****ing garbage! Lennar, like almost all new home developers, sucks the big one.

They have some of the dumbest architects and construction mgrs in existence!

Ever notice how the top side of many foam details is not stucco’d and painted? A ‘sup’ hired from the quick lube express is worthless. Yet, that was the quality of many developers’ staff.

A true, qualified sup gets dirty all day and gets into everybody’s ****. He goes home tired from climbing ladders and scaffolding and walking roofs and attics.

****ing thieves…

Hey now. They never let me get away with crap like that.

The rest of the house was pretty tight :slight_smile:

Tell them this is what will happen in a year.

Cuellar (22) (Small).JPG

I know that is better then what they are doing now. That was likely at least a synthetic base coat.

What are we coming to with building materials?
colored cellophane over toothpick framing? :roll:


You cannot force them to do anything. Just inform your client and let them deal with it. Our job is to report. Give them the details so they know and move on.

HEYYYYYYY it must be the money… :frowning: