New CMI Site Design

I am pleased that the Master Inspector Certification Board has hired me to redesign the entire Certified Master Inspector site. This work will be completed by the end of next week. We will then release the new site.

This will be followed by a massive search engine optimization campaign for Certified Master Inspectors.

Website Developer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist

And this is only the beginning.

Thank you

I most defiantly look forward to the updates. Keep us posted.

Thank you!

That sounds great!!

Perhaps a page for the real estate agents. Tell them why a CMI should be recommended instead of a new, licensed basic minimalist.

Nice going Nick. :):smiley:

Very nice…:cool:

very nice

Great work Nick…thanks

You might want to correct your post Timothy.

Finally! Thanks for taking on this project and that you to the board for starting to roll in some great benefits with this program. Can’t wait to see it!

Good news, thanks.


Damn auto correct. LOL. #IPhone