New Construction Inspection postponed due to failure to communicate.

Agent calls on Monday to set up this mornings new construction inspection.

First thing I ask is the builder completely done.
Agent says yes.

I pull up and there are about 6 vehicles in drive/street.
(I new then it was not done)

I start on the exterior inspection and note about 10 issues and I am only like 1/4 around the house.

Anti siphon missing, poorly caulked/flashed siding/Cement siding had large gaps and all the caulk was falling out. Exposed wiring.

I did not get a good picture of the Hardie cement board. Every seem had deteriorated caulk.

Decide enough already in 5 minutes. Talk to builder for 2 minutes, enough to know I do not need to talk anymore or I will start swinging.

Garage full of builder debris. House trashed with debris/Can not even see floors. Contractor working on kitchen appliances.

I meet with client and agent and tell them this house is nowhere near ready for a inspection. Also wanted a radon test. (Doors wide open)

So I wasted 1.5 hours time and 30 miles of gas.

I took a few pics. Did not take any of the mess in the house.

By the way I thought the walk out windows at the basement should have protective covers as it seemed a small child or even a goofy inspector like me could fall and get hurt.

What you think!!

New construction 001 (Small).jpg

New construction 006 (Small).jpg

New construction 004 (Small).jpg

New construction 009 (Small).jpg

New construction 005 (Small).jpg

I think builders like this are what keep us in business.