New cpi

Hello fellow inspectors! Anyone have any advice for a new internachi cpi here in florida?

Hello Marcus,

I’m new myself in Lakeland, I see your in Tampa.
I’m probably not the one to give advice yet but thought I’d say Hi !
InterNACHI has been great for more knowledge and training.

congratulations marcus and robert! Your in good hands here. Internachi is the real deal and the forum is a very helpful resource. General Advice? Keep learning and have fun. Does that sound good? lol

If you guys ever have more specific questions, send me an email or call. We’re a lot smarter together than on our own.

Take Dennis Bonner’s Insurance Inspections Class at House of Horrors II in Weston, Florida. It is a great class and can help increase your revenue.

Keep an eye on HOH II as they are always offering new and exciting classes.

Florida House of Horrors® – InterNACHI House of Horrors

Resist the temptation to use price alone as an inducement for people to hire you. It could result in poor on-line reviews because you may not feel inclined to be as thorough as you should for the money you making, and it is a hard hole to dig yourself out of.

Look to something in your past that gives you experience or knowledge that other inspectors may not have. Consider services or inspection approaches that fill a real need and add those to your inspection regime. Use these in your marketing to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Make sure your web site looks modern and professional, and seek outside help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Resist the temptation to “go easy” on your inspections in fear of loosing Realtor referrals. It will get you sued eventually.

Expect it to take quite a while to build up your referral database.

this is much better advice than mine. i should have just said “wait till ogletree replies and do whatever he says!”

Very solid advice. Thank you for this post!

Congrats Marcus! Feel free to contact us here at InterNACHI if you have any questions. It looks like you’ve gotten some great tips on this forum thread. Our 15 steps to Becoming a Successful home inspector page may help you as well.