New Desk top sugestions

I’m looking to purchase a new desk top PC, does anyone have a make and model that will run HG fast and smooth. Thanks

I am a big fan of Asus brand computers, whether desktop, laptop or tablet. A lot of other brands use the Asus motherboards. Some brands are proprietary for parts and repairs. My opinion is that Dell, Gateway and Compaq are nothing more than boat anchors in the making. :wink:

Any newer desktop or laptop will work fine with HG. More ram can be added to decrease picture load times etc. but off the shelf should work fine. Windows 10 is suppose to come out soon you may want to wait if possible or make sure they will give you 10 when it is released.

I have Windows 8.1 now and have signed up for Windows 10 when it comes out . It is free and I will be notified when it is out. So you don’t have to wait.

I bought an HP Pavilion 500-298w with windows 8.1, I quit using it with HG because it was so slow loading reports etc, I went back to my Dell lap top with windows 7 and it is fine. must be a slow processor in the HP. thanks for everyone’s comments

Like Russell said, any newer computer will fly with HG, its not CPU dependant so its opens quickly and you can click through the inspection as fast as your hands can move. Heck, I’ve loaded it on a 8" $40 tablet running Windows 8.1, no issues.

For business a Mac. If there are any issues apple will have you back and running quicker than anyone.

Most any will do but here are some points I would look for if you want reasonable performance long-term:

  1. Make sure processor is an Intel and at a minimum an i3, but really should be i5
  2. Make sure it has at least 4GB of ram. 8GB is better.
  3. Probably don’t want a small HD or SSD drive as only storage. I tend to take lots of pictures and videos. These take up space and you will be keeping them on your disk for a while, even after you upload them.

Be sure you want a desktop. If you ever plan to finish reports in the field you will need a laptop. I don’t recommend a laptop if you don’t need it. You pay more for a laptop and get poorer performance because laptop CPUs are NOT the same as desktop CPUs (even if they are the same (like both i5) the i5 is the laptop will scale back performance to reduce heat where the desktop won’t.

thanks for the input everyone and Richard Bothne, this is exactly the technical input I was looking for, I use HG companion on my Samsung G5 and download it to my desktop from the cloud service so I don’t need a laptop. I’ve been a HG user for 5 years and i won’t use anything else.

That may be true now. But I have a Dell (Vista) desktop that is more than 8 years old that still works like a charm.

Best setup is to have two drives. One SSD drive for the operating system (boots up quickly) and a spinning drive for the data, 1,2, or 3 TB.

I agree. Most desktops don’t have an SSD, but you can get them to replace the ‘C:’ drive and make the ‘C:’ drive your new data drive D:. See this (and other articles) on how to ‘upgrade’:

Buying a desktop with SSD at the beginning is pretty expensive.