New exterior stairs!

Pictures worth a thousand words.

What you yapping about.
The old concrete keeps them from falling too far when it fails.

Now I know why some agents think I am too picky…

Deal Killer!!!

Hey Peter…you trying to kill off my business

Mark how did you report this?

I know you have an excellent reputation just bustin em… LOl

I recommend this rather than trying to remove the cast stairs. I do however not recommend it to be done like this and to treat the new stairs as new using proper treated lumber and no pressed boards like your picture I think shows.

Juan, I will finish the report today, I plan to report more on the lack of flashing and the obvious damage to the siding at the platform connection. The stairs may be ugly underneath but they are not going anywhere. Flashing was biggest issue. New platform was attached right over damaged siding; That is what I want my client to know.

Peter…I know you were