Really bad stairs

I did a repo yesterday. Among many other things I found in the home was a set of stairs supported with nothing but OSB. Unfortunately OSB doesn’t hold up to the elements too well. There is no stringer at all and the OSB was quite delaminated. It was scary to imagine someone walking on it.

OK I can’t top that Curtis but I can come close! LOL

Found these recently. Buyer walked as this was just one of 40 material defects. Listing agent tried to reem me a new one about it. Said I should not have called these out as unsafe since they were “designed this way”.

Picture 081 (Copy).jpg

Picture 084 (Copy).jpg

Good for you Greg it will be worth it as you will probably be able to get a referral from your client or better yet a testimony.

11 inches is quite high for a stair riser! I hope no seniors were living there. Kevin, what were your stairs like? I once found a set that were built out of an old Pepsi sign. LOL

Here is one I dug up.