New feature allows members to hide specific certification logos

InterNACHI offers dozens of certifications and ways to earn the right to use various logos associated with them. See Certification Logos for Your Inspection Business - InterNACHI®.

We often advertise specific logos that members have earned to promote them on various inspector search sites, their individual InterNACHI listing, and their InterNACHI webseals.

This could be a problem for some members if the particular logo(s) is associated with an inspection service that the member either doesn’t yet offer or that the member isn’t yet licensed for in a jurisdiction that licenses those who provide such services.

If you are a member who falls into such a category, you can now hide any of your certification logos using a simple “hide” button to the right of each logo you are entitled to use. See InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

InterNACHI… always helping.

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@gromicko, this is a valuable design feature for our inspector website clients.

We embed the InterNACHI webseals on each website that we design. They look fantastic on their “My Qualifications” page.

This feature of being able to display (or not display) certain certification logos on websites that we design is just what our inspectors need.

Thank you!


Where Nick said: " InterNACHI… always helping.", that is so true, in so many ways. I could write for days on end and I would never even scratch the surface on how Nick Gromicko and the InterNACHI staff has helped me over the past 12 and a 1/2 years. Joining InterNACHI was the best thing to ever happen to me, other than God giving me my daughter Autumn Rain. The education is the best out there and InterNACHI has plenty. The staff goes out of their way and not only meets your expectations but exceeds them each and everytime. Other InterNACHI members become close friends, who I care so deeply for. Helping others over the years and them help me as well has been so satisfying. There is something magical, something very, very good about InterNACHI. I live in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, but InterNACHI is my home. I have nothing but good things to say about InterNACHI.


Or, inspections they just don’t want to do.

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What if we don’t want to hide a badge. Rather reorganize them so a selected few are at the top? Veteran Owned, Pet Friendly and Covit?
Thanks Eric