**New Fold-Over Leave Behind Cards**

InterNACHI’s leave behind cards have been updated with a new design and fold-over card format! These cards are a great added touch to an inspection and offer you an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your way out the door. There’s even space to add your business card for a personal touch that when the client isn’t present for your inspection. Add kindle to a new client relationship with the added touch of a leave-behind card.

These cards are available in packs of 50 at:

Inspection Leave Behind Cards (Pack of 50) – Inspector Outlet


Wow. I love them.

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Looks great. Nice professional touch, and smart marketing. I love when a seller gets me to inspect their next home because of the great job I did on the one they just sold. These cards are a great way to introduce yourself when sellers are not present for the inspection.

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That’s a really good deal.

Question, on the website, reading the cards, it appears one side is for sellers, while the other side seems to be for the buyers??? Are they 2 separate cards? I print off Leave Behind letters to the sellers all the time, so this would be a significant improvement, but I would not want it to be both for seller and buyer on one card.

The interior of the card is for the current resident of the home, and the back of the card has a message about inspections in general and the inspector’s qualifications which is applicable for buyers, sellers or current owners if it is an Annual Inspection.

We can also create custom leave behind cards if there’s a different message or design that you’d prefer. Feel free to email me to get that process started if you’d like!

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