House-themed cards

House-themed cards are now available in the marketing library. The insides are blank, allowing you to personalize each message.

Use them as thank you cards following inspections, or even to remind homeowners that they are due for an annual inspection.

Email me if you would like a message added to the cards before they are printed.

Are these set up as tent cards? Are they big enough to allow a business card to be stapled on the inside? Maybe print them with a “Thank you for letting me inspect your home…blah…blah” as a leave behind on occupied homes.

These are just normal cards that can be mailed out. But they can definitely be personalized to use as leave behinds.

It’s funny you should mention the leave behind letter as a tent card, that’s actually in the works. It will have the leave behind letter on one side, and a description of what was covered in the inspection on the other.

Sounds good if I can staple a business card to it. Thanks - you guys are non-stop on ideas.

Gave me the idea for this card(s) :slight_smile:

Great idea! I’ll start on those next. Keep an eye out for them in the next couple of days.