New leave-behind marketing piece generates 2nd inspection jobs.

Invented mine years ago, still use them. #2 on my list of getting business. This is a must, as you can always get called-back on leaving lights on, doors unlocked, etc. I always make a point of leaving first for a reason.

I started doing that this year, works great

Cool. Done

I have a similar letter, and I also have an advance letter I send (if it isnt last minute) on prepping for my inspection for the seller.

I like the idea of a checklist for the owner to double check though.

Any time you can leave a nice letter for someone with your name on it its a good idea.

Just ordered mine, Looking forward to using them and their results.…ind-cards.aspx

The title says “new”, I’ve been using these for almost a year.

Nick puts “New” on many of these, cant blame him for drumming up interest…LOL

You may have been using them because we sent them to you for free, but we only recently offered them as a product. You haven’t been buying them anywhere, correct?

Correct. It was a Nice Christmas “gift”. I assumed they were already for sale at that time.

I will be purchasing more in the future.

I used to use a hand-written note with much of the same information. The hand-writing just personalizes it. Now I made a template with my notes on them with blue ink and photo-copied it in colour (it still looks like a hand-written note). I also include a business card fridge magnet. Home owners have appreciated them and it has gotten me a number of jobs from the owners (since every seller is also a buyer). This pre-printed card is a pretty good idea too.

I received the cards in the mail and implemented the leave behind letter today. I left my InterNACHI designed brochure partially unfolded and standing up along with my laminated full color business card. It makes the pile of real estate agents cards look tiny.

Nice. This works too:

Causes the seller to really read what’s inside.

Looks good Michael, how has this been working for you since you implemented it?