Does anyone have language for a "leave behind" letter that you leave for the seller?

Something like:

*Dear Home Seller:

It was a pleasure inspecting your home today. I tried to put everything back the way it was when I arrived. However, please check your thermostat, your …

Also, if you moving locally and are in need of an inspector, please don’t hesitate to contact me at…

good idea, i hadn’t thought of that.

I would have to mail it to them. 95% of the homes I have done in the last 6 months are vacant and either bank owned or a short sale and the seller has moved out. :shock:

I leave behind a tent card. If anyone wants the text, email or PM me.

I also use a card. Printed on heavy stock 1/2 sheet with the fold on the vertical (had trouble with tent cards sagging). Here’s what goes on the outside and inside.



  HOME SWEET HOME  **Inspections**

Thank you for allowing me and the potential buyer to inspect your home. We realize that we are guests in your home and conducted ourselves with utmost respect for your property.

Although I had to open and close windows and doors, and test systems and appliances, etc., I make every attempt to leave your property in the same condition that I found it. However, please take a moment to check the settings on the range, on the heating/cooling thermostat, check and reset any **GFCI **outlet protectors, and maybe some clocks,
to ensure that I have not inadvertently left something on or changed settings.

Once again, thank you very much for allowing us into your home, and if you have any questions or observations, please call me at this number:

Here’s what I’ve been using.

Chuck… those are really nice!

I have been using cards that I leave on counters for years. I have gotten several inspections from these home owners, and they have even reffered me. These cards may be my #1 source of marketing to home buyers.

I use English.

Chuck, did I tell you how really nice your marketing is? That is really nice work.

Chuck, that is really good stuff. You must have lived in Medford at one time.:mrgreen:

Good things come from Medford :mrgreen:

Thank you too Nick

Nick, my opinion on this if you don’t mind.

Do you believe it is a good idea to leave something like that behind and burden a seller and/or agent to have to go back and check to make sure all those items were left in the condition before the inspection?

What is the seller going to think or do? Call his agent and tell them that the last home inspector that came to inspect his property for the client cost him 1 hour of his time to make sure that everything was left in order.
Whether it is one item or all, this would make the seller paranoid that possibly all were not checked by the inspector.

I for one, would not want to leave any of those items unchecked. Any of those items could prove detremental in more ways than one.
I can’t imagine leaving the cooktop on, windows unlocked, or front door unlocked.
Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

The first part of the letter is on the right track.

door locks thermostat/s range settings/oven & cooktop
window locks GFCIs faucets
lights attic access drapes/shutters
*alarm codes gates *

Very nice Chuck.

Marcel, yes, I think it is a good idea that the seller check those things because they may have been disturbed by the buyer, or the buyer’s father, or their kids or the agent or whomever. I don’t think it says anything negative about the inspector.

Furthermore, if you check those items before you leave, I think the seller finding those items where they left them may say something positive about the inspector, and lead to the inspector getting the inspection on the home the seller is moving to.

I leave this note:

Dear seller of this fine abode. I do realize that your father was an electrician but that does not give you the right to triple tap the wiring you added within the garage.

Yes, I did see where you tried to hide the leak stain with Kilz.

No electrical tape is not an approved method for stopping leaks under the sink and neither is the Tupperware that is present.

Don’t let your 5 year old tell me how “turds” come up out of the tub every now and then, and then tell me the septic system is perfect.

Look at me stupid when you insulate your exterior spigots…ummmm its south Florida WE HAVE NO FREEZE.

Tell me that the AC system that has a 3 degree temperature differential runs fine, your brother just serviced it.

In closing, if it wasn’t for dishonest a s s holes like you…there would really not be much of a need for inspectors like me…

Russell Hensel

PS - Each one of those situations and MANY more have come up.