Anyone interested in learning how to use the pdf forms for insurance inspections on-line?

I could set-up a webinar and show how to use the pdf forms that I have made. For people with and without Windows tablets. This may give everyone ideas on how to make them and use them efficiently.

I for one would be interested. Just say when.

Sounds great.

But then we will have even more competition which without a doubt will drive prices even lower.

If you teach 50 guys that have no clue how to be as efficient you are actually screwing yourself.

You continue to prove yourself extremely generous with your knowledge and time to those who compete directly with you. It makes you a great guy but probably a little less profitable than you and the rest of us could be.

Oh well at least you will have some good karma coming your way if there is such a thing :slight_smile:

If that was the case why would anyone help anyone. I am not driving prices down but raising the bar.

Giving someone the proper tools to do a job does not make them better. You can give someone a hammer and nails or a nail gun. It does not change the final product, just the process.

Maybe by showing people how to do them electronically, will put the hack paper guys out of business because the final product looks better electronically.

Sounds good John, thanks
You just can’t make some people happy, but I guess when you live with the day to day fear of dying from taking photos it’s bound to wear on you sooner or later.:smiley:

I completely agree with raising the bar. Sometimes guys dont understand that the more professional you make the industry the more money we all make

Ya’lll plum crazy. Training more people to do what we do lowers prices,period.

I am guilty of it as well. I have helped any who have ever asked.

The number is quite high and a great many are in my area.

I am just speaking the truth about the consequences I am not saying John should do anything different.

Hell there are few that have helped me even though I am their direct competition as well :slight_smile: John has helped me personally :slight_smile: I do not believe I compete with him at this time but I know it would not have mattered to him if I did.

Don’t blame me when the truth sucks, I just call out the facts like I see them.

I would appreciate the training. Thanks, John.

As usual, you go above and beyond…I would appreciate your efforts, thanks.

I’m in.

I would also like the training John. Mike will complain because his gravy train is loosing more and more ground. Instead of diversifying and giving people what they want he will be swallowed up being stagnent and complacent.

No matter what profession, the cream always rises to the top without reguard to pricing…

Who is in for Sunday Night at 7pm?

Maybe me, a case per case basis.

Depends on my little one as all things revolve around her if I can do it.

Russel you have me all wrong. I have been and continue to stay on the cutting edge of wind mits.

Cutting edge? Are you serious? People on the cutting edge take what is handed them and turn it into something better.

John is one, Peston another, Jeff Pope another, James Bushart another, Bob Elliott another, Nick Gromicko another…all of these people have taken something and made it “their own”.

Tell me one thing you have done in the Wind Mitigation Industry that enhances the profession or process…complaining does not count.

Sunday at 7 sounds good to me. Send me the details. I’d really rather know how to customize the forms.

Are we talking the mechanics of the PDF form itself? Or are you suggesting training on the actual data that is input?

I’d be interested also John. Thanks

Sounds good John, I am in.

Great way to start the new year!

I do them as directed by the form.

I bring up safety issues that none of the other wimps out there will even admit exists.

Can any one tell me than InterNACHI SOP would even suggest we even enter the attics the way we do? Come on speak up. You want some piuctures of the crap we should not be in?

The great many of you out there are suckasses that will agree to whatever is out there just to have a job. NOT ME.
The only way they should be done.

I do nothing that may influence may adversely affect my client by providing information that is not requested.

Any other questions?

Oh I did forget one thing.

I speak the truth and help a bunch of fellow inspectors who seek my advice.

I do not accept things because that is what I am told.

I could go on and on and on.

Mike the problem is you do go on and on. We have heard you many times. Agree or not agree we hear you. You take over every thread with the same statements and refuse to do anything else. Stop crying like a little girl, if it is that bad, then do something.

If you think saying anything here is going to change anything, then you are wrong. Everyone here knows what is on your mind and has dismissed it long ago, move on.