New guy to the industry

I am new to the industry and trying to get a foot hold. I have set up a web site and would like some experienced people to look at it and give some feed back. It is a little ruff but I don’t have capital to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Being new in the industry I really don’t know how to compete with seasoned and experienced companies. It doesn’t seem like anybody wants to hire the no experience guy when there are a hundred companies with years of experience. Mahalo (thanks) for the feed back

forgot to add web site



He’s right, that website is rough, lol.


1 Like try this one


IMO… this is 99% of what is most important… and properly located to boot!!!

The only problem with that map is that it doesn’t actually show his service area.
Here is a link to a site that allows you to draw a circle on a map. You can also set your service area on GMB and grab a snapshot of the map it produces.
Link: Draw a circle with a radius on a map

You need an online scheduler. Some people don’t want to talk. I get a couple a month that just book online or start the process.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re getting into an oversaturated field of professional inspectors.

Hundreds is surely an exaggeration. Hot Springs is a tiny town. It is close to Flathead Lake though which has lots of money. Kalispell is probably your best place to market yourself.


Welcome to the industry!

I have just retired to Georgetown, Texas (Sun City) and have a multitude of items take I am selling at below cost.
I can send you a list of some items with photos if you wish to email me at

Thanks, We can help each other out!