New Home Window Installation

Hello fellow Home Inspectors,
I had my first new build inspection today. I have a question about the window installation. I have looked at the Pella Website along with other articles and read that some Pella windows don’t need J Channel. I think these windows need J Channel, just looking for backup. Does this window not require J Channel and the exterior weep holes be opened? Thanks in advance.

I would say yes by your pictures but Pella’s installation instructions is key.

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The vinyl installation is subpar. I hate to see what the rest of the house looks like.

Thanks for the response, Larry. Pella’s instructions on their website stop short prior to the J Channel. They show the window installation, including flashing tape and mounting the window, but don’t go into the siding/trim that I have found so far.

Then, I would recommend “J” channel and stick 'em tape be applied adequately to seal up the gaps.

The window j channel is designed to fit different thickness vinyl siding. The siding you have is the cheap thin stuff.

Well, the drip edge is installed incorrectly at the eaves, there is no dryer vent, the main plumbing vent is not connected in the attic and is capped on the roof, etc. I haven’t checked the plumbing or been in the crawlspace because the circuit breaker for the sewer ejector pump was turned off, and no one knew why.

Amazing, brand new home, just put on the market by the builder.

You would have to remove all the siding if you do that.

They can do it right and maybe that will help them remember.

P.S. I would use a zip tool, when warm out, to remove the least amount of siding I could.

I don’t think so, they get paid by the square ft and move on to the next one,

Do those exterior weeps have foam plugs in them? The windows the company I work for installs foam for windows going to northern regions.

The way I test weep drainage is block off the exterior weeps with duct tape and pour a little water into the interior weeps. Not much in case it doesn’t drain. Remove the tape and the water should drain with no issues if the weep system works.

By the way, as the person in charge of QA for my company (Home manufacturer, windows division), that is the worst window installation I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes one-way valves are put in the weep hole as well in high wind areas to block air flow. That may be the case here.

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Thanks for the reply again Larry. It looks like they have the flashing tape installed from what I can tell. If they have to remove the siding, perhaps they will learn as you said. In my mind, these are the types of mistakes are what someone buying a new home is paying me to see.

Downfall I guess for me, the largest Realtor in this county has it listed, and his son is the builder. The buyer’s agent (who called me to do the inspection), also works for his agency.

I don’t short my reports. I will see how it works out.

Thanks again

Thanks for the reply Roger,

The plugs are foam, they are hard plastic. Also I am in Southern Indiana, a hot, wet, and humid environment.

Keep us posted, Joseph.

It is smart to get the potential window perimeter leaks into your report, Joseph. Can you imagine getting “that” call a year from now?

P.S. They don’t have to fix it but you are doing your client a great service by informing them and the monkey is off your back, too.

P.S.S. Pella has technicians/reps that will come out to inspect the installation, if you nee that gun. Great company!

Thanks, Larry,

I will check Pella Technicians if they push back.

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