New image added to the free Gallery: Common Electrical Breakers

The breaker descriptions are incorrect. Also showing a single breaker should be singular, not plural.


Has this been corrected yet?
BAD graphics should be removed from this website until they are fully corrected!


The name of the first breaker in each row is incorrect. The first breaker in row #1 is a two pole. First breaker in row #2 is a 3 pole. Also in row 1 the second CB is labeled as a 2-pole but it is actually 2 single poles with a handle tie like the CB below it. The labels for the second and third CB’s in row one are switched.


I have not looked recently. I can try to check later tonight.

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That was nore for Nick to answer, but many of us would appreciate knowing. Thanks!

Still incorrect.

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That’s probably not enough detail for him to do an update.

Robert M had provided the correct nomenclature above.

On other graphics comments were made to correct the artwork. Those changes were not included either.

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We’re getting mixed answers on the breaker labels. Can you someone confirm if we change the labels to the following if it would be correct?

Row 1:
First Breaker: 2-Pole Breaker
Second Breaker: Two Single Pole Breakers with Handle Tie
Third Breaker: no changes

Row 2:
First Breaker: 3-Pole Breaker
Second Breaker: Three 1-Pole Breaker with Handle Tie
Third Breaker: Three 1-Pole Breaker

This would be the new image. Is it correct?

While waiting for the subject matter experts to return… here’s what these are known as in my area (Minnesota)…

Okay thanks. @jmilby & @rmeier2 any feedback on this version?

It looks good now. The only slight issue is the “Two 1-pole Breakers” and “Three 1-pole Breaker” should have a space in the blue handle to indicate that they are actually multiple single breakers adjacent to each other. The way it appears now the blue handle is one solid piece where it is really only part of each single breaker.

If you look at the “Two 1-pole Breakers” the left edge of the handle is indented from the edge the same indent should apply to the right side of each single breaker. Also the far right breaker in row 2 would be plural and should say “Three 1-pole BreakerS”.

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I would add that row 1, breaker 3 would be a 2 pole breaker. Not all multipole breakers have a handle for each leg. Square D has single handle multipoles.

Thank you! I will post an updated version soon.

They need to decide if they’re depicting 2 or 3 single pole breakers next to each other or a multi-pole breaker. The wording indicated that these are all single pole CB’s.


From an Inspectors POV, that is the primary problem with creating graphics without understanding the subject matter that is being depicted!
As we’ve seen lately, most every graphic created lately has had basic problems with it.
Many inspectors have been left with bad graphics and scratching our heads wondering WTF?
Worse yet, many of these incorrect or badly worded graphics will make it into inspection reports and be seen by clients and their electricians. Guess where that is going to take the unsuspecting and trusting inspector!!


Agree Jeff. IMO an SME should have reviewed these before hitting the site. In fact i might have suggested actual photos using the more common brands so someone can see actual products and the differences between them.

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The only concern I have with that is when the graphic is intended to be used in reports (not all NACHI graphics are of course).

I prefer the pictorial graphics for report use so the client doesn’t think I am showing a picture of what’s in the house I inspected for them.