new inspector looking for a guide

i have been an internachi member since late last year and have gone through the certification process but have yet to do a real inspection and am looking for someone willing to let me go on an inspection with them and learn more. im in the city of corona ca and can drive up to 100 miles to meet up and can say i wouldnt infringe on your area


Come on California inspectors, someone help Dwayne out. Show him what you got.

Hire someone to inspect your house. :wink:

You might want to post this in our California section of this forum.

Good luck dwayne, I wanted to do that b4, 1 inspector wanted me to sign a no compete contract for 5 years after quit or terminated with a 500 mile radius, I mise well move out of flordia with those terms

From what I’ve heard non competes are mostly unenforceable.

I have never signed one yet and many times passed on good easy money. I am always open and honest with who I will work for and I would NEVER steal another’s client if I did work as his representative.

It sucks to turn down bucks but the way I look at it I help whoever I can even those in my own back yard and there is enough work for all. Better to have personal friends in the industry than to have personal enemies. Many times we need and do help each other out on large jobs and I would never snake another inspectors client in a situation like that but many have and that is why many make you sign.

It is very prominent in the insurance inspection industry. I believe most of the big guys want you to sign or they will not hire you. Here’s a tip…You do not need them :slight_smile: